Friday, January 21, 2011

Lorinser Mercedes SL500 Pictures

Even though summer is over for most of us, we would all love to own a fast convertible car that could turn heads easily. Mercedes SL500 is one of those cars and the guys from Lorinser decided to create a facelift to make it even better. The Lorinser Mercedes SL500 has a new front bumper with three huge openings and new air intakes, new side skirts and a wide rear bumper. The large air intakes from the front bumper give this car an aggressive look and make it look a lot different than the stock version. The car has RS9 wheels that are equipped with wide tires and give more handling and new energy to this car. The car’s performances were not revealed yet but i think this car is a lot faster than the stock version. The guys from Lorinser also modified the car’s interior and as a finishing touch they changed the Mercedes labels with others made by them.