Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nissan Almera Wallpapers

Nissan has produced fabulous cars throughout its career. A wonderful family car that ruled the streets of Asia from 1995 to 2006 is Nissan Almera. Rated as one of the masterpieces from Nissan’s factory, it was considered a very capable model with sharp and precise handling with minimal bodyroll and an effective tyre grip.

From some great engine makeovers in the past, Almera has truly become one of the most admired vehicle on the road. It is an elegantfamily car with an aura of professional touch around it. There is no doubt that Almera can be tuned to give it a real tough look on the road.

Nissan Almera has been subjected to many tuning tricks and many of them have worked for good. This shows the compatibility and stability of the technology used for this vehicle. From strong air inlets to re-engineered cams, Almera has simply grown stronger with every modification. With the introduction of new exhaust systems, a whole new dimension was added to the tuning mechanism of Almera.