Friday, February 25, 2011

Hyundai Equus Wallpapers

President of South Korea (Korea) Lee Myung-Bak will be the first to feel the car bulletproof result of South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Equus.

As quoted tradingmarkets, car manufacturers from South Korea is also believed South Korean government to make 3 units bulletproof limousine devoted to protect the president’s 68-year-old.
Lee himself was only choose one of three cars are bulletproof limousine version of Equus results Hyundai Motor Co. manufacturers.
The success of Hyundai makes bulletproof car that marks the end use bulletproof cars made in America and Germany for the president.

Hyundai officials said that it deserved the South Korean leader to use domestic-made cars. And he insists if Hyundai was able to make bulletproof cars and is suitable for protecting the president.

“That has been consistent since the status of South Korea as the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world, it’s time for Lee to drive the president produced in the country,” said Hyundai officials.
He also added that only a handful of car manufacturers in the world who can make a bulletproof car. Car manufacturers, among others, BMW, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz.

Parties Hyundai also claims to build a car for the purposes of
presidency, then the vehicle will enhance the country brands when South Korea was appointed to host the G20 next year.

However, until the story was passed down the Hyundai Motor Co. are reluctant to give details of the president’s car, including pictures of the car was not disclosed for security reasons.