Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nissan Cube Wallpapers

The Nissan Cube is a Mini MPV produced by Nissan and currently sold in Japan and North America. It was sold in Europe only in 2010. Is the 2009 Nissan Cube a new kind of utility vehicle, a city-friendly microvan, or an especially tall compact wagon? It's tough to say; the quirky new Nissan Cube fits into several existing categories but ends up being the odd one out—in a positive sense.

The previous-generation Scion xB—sold in the United States from 2004 through 2006—turned into a cult hit for urbanites for its sharp, boxy look. But the newer, larger model introduced for 2008 hasn't been received quite as well, partly because its new styling just wasn't as crisp and distinctive. Shoppers are fickle in the area, but thinks that the new 2009 Nissan Cube will hit the right buttons for those motivated by styling and fashion, as well as those who need a healthy dose of practicality in their next vehicle.

Snout aside, the Cube is almost cubical, but the details make the design feel special. Perhaps what makes the 2009 Cube stand out so prominently is that it has one of the most overtly asymmetrical vehicle designs seen in recent years. The rear hatch opens at the side and is hinged at the left; the rear window curves continuously—almost uninterrupted—around the right rear corner and right side of the vehicle. The windows are bordered all around by a beveled "frame," and the middle pillar on either side tapers at the middle. Yet especially from the front, the Cube has a surprisingly macho stance, enhanced by the wide-set headlights and strong horizontal themes in front and in back; designers call the inspiration "Bulldog in Sunglasses." The overall design has rounded corners everywhere, but with the asymmetry and flared sheetmetal for the wheel wells and rear fascia, it's far more distinctive than the xB.