Monday, April 25, 2011

hybrid civic

honda hybrid civic
hybrid civic=>Honda has joined the wagon hybrid creating the hybrid Civic. What are your strengths than non-hybrids as well as others in the same class? It may be a good competitor in the race going for fuel economy and efficiency? To learn more about the new model and the characteristics and determine if your car could be very close.

The Honda Civic Hybrid
The Honda Civic Hybrid is the counterpart of the hybrid gas-powered Honda Civic sedan. Honda innovated the transmission system and the vehicle's engine, in order to become more efficient. The style and design reminiscent of the conventional model.The Honda Civic Hybrid engine has gained international fame by winning the International Engine of the Year for three consecutive years 2002-2004 in Division 1 to 1.4 liters. In 2003 and 2004, also won best fuel economy, and 2006 Motor Trend Car of the Year.
In 2006, the Civic Hybrid has been redesigned with a fresh look and a brand new EPA gas mileage around 49 mpg city driving and 51 mpg highway driving. It 's the new version of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist, which allows the vehicle to operate the electric motor only with the right conditions to cruise.
The exterior of the new model looks very modern compared to the previous one. The car has 15 inch alloy wheels with disc-shaped tires with low rolling resistance. The posts were placed above the front wheels. Getting in and out of Civic Hybrid has been relatively easy because of the large front doors. Other additions were distinctive futuristic hybrid, rear spoiler lip and turn signals right-side mirror signal inside containers.
The interior is generous in space with a capacity of 5 persons. The car also features two-tone cloth seats, air conditioning, CD stereo, central locking, power steering and mirrors. The XM Satellite Radio and navigation system is standard on all units. There is also a digital tachometer, battery indicator and charge / assist gauge to monitor the capacity of electric power train. The 10.4-cubic-foot trunk is quite small compared to the conventional 12 cubic feet. The rear seat also does not fold down.
Other impressions
The Honda Civic Hybrid has a 1.3-liter engine coupled to a four-cylinder engine capable of generating electric power for up to £ 110 bhp and 123 Nm of torque. All units have a standard continuously variable transmission.
The Civic has a variety of security features with the highest rating, such as antilock brakes, side impact, side curtain airbags and active front headrests. The car might not be what it feels super fast, but the acceleration is good. There is also a function of engine auto-stop that immediately turns off the engine idling for added fuel efficiency.
The Honda Civic Hybrid can be fueled at each station with a 12.3-liter tank can go up to 490 miles. Total gas mileage is significantly better than a conventional Civic.greenhouse gas emissions of the hybrid vehicle of approximately 4.4 tonnes annually compared to the normal Civics 6.3 tonnes. The car is an Advanced Technology-Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle, or AT-PZEV and is on sale in all states at about $ 21,000 to $ 23,000.
Good and evil
The hybrid has very steady and stable suspensions with a roll well controlled.Passengers may feel a bit 'rattles and shakes, especially on bumpy trails and roads.Steering and handling is relatively easy. Visibility is also excellent on all sides. The capacity of idle-off is a good thing, but the Civic can be restarted manually at times during the full-stop.
The style is definitely one of the best qualities of the car as well as numerous standard amenities such as XM Satellite Radio, central locking and windows and navigation system.
Some passengers report experiences on streets even more nervous enough. The interior is decent, but the surface of the seat could look better. There are also many luxury options available, despite the sporty looks of the Honda Civic Hybrid.Headroom in the back is rather low and the rear seats do not fold the bag could be a problem. The performance of non-linear braking and dashboard splits are also disadvantages. Overall, the Civic Hybrid rates very well considering that the points of good still outweigh the cons