Friday, April 22, 2011

volvo car

Volvo embraces new technologies

Recently dealers have begun to embrace new technologies to engage consumers, we see many more dealers and manufacturers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter these days. Many manufacturers have also shifted their attention from traditional marketing channels such as TV advertising and put that into online marketing.

To succeed, Volvo has launched a new application for the iPhone and iPad, at the moment is focused on the new Volvo S60. The key factors include the possibility of an app-style Volvo S60, watch videos, read news, find a Volvo dealer for a test drive.Volvo plans to launch more of these applications to this application S60 is the first of many to come.

David Holecek who is responsible for Volvo Cars 'digital strategy said: "Many customers use mobile phones and Internet tablets to find information. Now we are simply ensuring that we are where our customers, opening a window company. We' ve built a number of unique characteristics, such as the use of mobile phones integrated gyroscope look around inside the car. If you turn on your phone, the image moves too, creating the impression that you're actually sitting in the car .

These applications can be used not only to interact with customers, if used properly can also be used to bring customers into dealerships. The current application uses Volvo geo tagging to direct the user to the nearest Volvo dealer.

Volvo All applications will be free to download from Apple's App Store, Volvo has already planned to create an app which iPad customer magazine Volvo Cars'. This application will give the magazine access to some of the contents of traditional journals, such as the Volvo C70 offers in Chelmsford with a variety of extra bonus features such as graphic images and film material.