Thursday, June 30, 2011

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 Chevrolet camaro 2011 : Chevrolet camaro 2011 review
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 the new generation Camaro from General Motors has done a very good impression, we have recently seen the new 2010 Camaro Coupe creating theAutobot Bumblebee in the film Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, part of GM'sadvertising strategy. However, their economic situation has led her to take twoadditional versions, the Camaro Convertible and the Z28 high-performance variant. In the case of the Camaro convertible, a couple of weeks ago I told you it was confirmedfor release in 2011, and its Z8 Camaro, the group of fans Camaro5 have informationthat the project remains on the table Z28GM and could be released in 2011.
It would debut a year and perhaps double recovery for GM, the Z28 is available in the spring of 2011, shortly after the convertible, the release of which could be the ideal scenario in Detroit. Some of the details may be clarified is that the Z28 has more power than the SS, a special treatment for the hood and grille, Z28 and decorative prints.
Reports say that the Camaro Z28 that the design is complete, but the project has not been able to advance because of low sales expectations for the high unit cost.Regarding the plans of the engine, the V8 had thought based on the LSA CadillacCTS-V, with 556cv (414kW) and a 0-100k / h less than 4 seconds At present, onlyspeculations, we should expect official announcements and then we know that GM is doing with the Camaro Z28.