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nissan xtrail review
Nissan X-Trail is a compact SUV sold in Japan, Europe, CanadaMexico,Malaysia, India, TaiwanSaudi ArabiaSingapore, South Africa, Thailand, NewZealand and Australia by Nissan. The company currently offers a model hydrogen fuel cell companies to rent, the X-Trail FCV. In North America, is located under the truck-based Xterra. Introduced in 2001 to compete with compact SUVs like the ToyotaRAV4 and Honda CR-V has not arrived in the Canadian market until 2004. It will be sold in the United States in 2008, when the X-Trail is redesigned.

The Australian model is powered by the QR25DE 4-cylinder engine. 2.5L in size,which produces 132 kW (177 hp), making it one of the most powerful 4-cylinder engines in the compact SUV segment. Also available is the QR20DE 4-cylinder engine that produces 103 kW (140 hp), 110 kW (150 bhp) with automatic transmission. Available only on the Japanese market is the SR20VET that produces206 kW (280 hp). The Australian X-Trail has had two revisions of the model, the Series 1 and Series 2. There were several cosmetic and engineering changesbetween the two series.

In Australia, the 2001-04 Nissan X-Trail was assessed in the Used Car SafetyRatings 2006 provides protection "average" for its occupants in the event of an accident.